Telegram GRAM token sale via a whale

Telegram’s ‘GRAM’ Token to be Sold on… Through a Whale

Privacy focused messaging platform, Telegram, have been planning the release of their Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain for some time. I remember the swathes of scams which proceeded its initial announcement back in 2018. Everybody involved in the cryptocurrency universe wanted to get a piece of the action, prompting the...
CCN Returns from the dead

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again… It’s CCN

Yesterday, June 11th 2019, Something Decent reported that was shutting down. The reason for the shutdown, as reported by them, was due to a drastic drop in traffic. The drop in traffic, once again reported by CCN, was caused by a dramatic change in Google's search ranking algorithm. Today,...
Visa Launches B2B Connect on Fabric Hyper Ledger

Visa Launches B2B Connect Using Linux Hyperledger

Yesterday, June 11th 2019, global payments processor, Visa, announced their B2B Connect network. They did so via a press release on their website. The B2B Connect network is a global payments solution which is intended to be used by financial institutions. It allows its users to process "high value" and...
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