ULEZ Charge
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London’s ULEZ Charge, Another Tax on the City’s Financially Unstable

You'd be forgiven for reading the above title and wondering "what on earth is the ULEZ charge?". I know I was thinking them exact words when I was first informed about it by a driver at work. As it turns out, I should have been more aware of it since...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Considering EOS Development? Try Enumivo at a Fraction of the Price

The founder of the growing blockchain Enumivo (a fork of EOS by Block.One), Aiden Pearce, has proposed what could become a very generous and exciting bounty. The bounty will seek to reward anybody who wishes to utilise the high performance and low cost nature of the Enumivo blockchain for their...
PRL exit scam

And It’s Gone.. Former PRL CEO, Bruno, Runs Away with 3m PRL

TLDR; Team replaced anonymous CEO, contract was vulnerable, old anonymous CEO minted 3m new tokens, dumped them and sailed off into the sunset. Surprisingly the story regarding the Oyster Pearl exit scam doesn't seem to be getting as much attention as one might have expected. The story is a simple...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Enumivo Release Market Maker Contracts for BTC & Fiat Currencies

Over the past couple of days the development team behind the Enumivo project have been hard at work trying to improve liquidity for their ENU token. As a means of providing said liquidity to their token they have released a number of market maker contracts for different currencies. These contracts...
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