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Alabama’s Anti-Abortion Ruling is a Huge Step Backwards for the Human Race

On Tuesday 14th May 2019 the law makers of the Alabama State passed a bill which would outright ban abortion. The recently passed legislation would also place doctors who perform ‘illegal’ abortions within the state, in prison for ‘up to 99 years’.

This new law would become enforceable within six months, although CNN believe it never will. According to an article published on May 17th 2019, the newly passed law is “likely to face” a number of legal challenges. Said legal challenges would “probably” be “tied up in court for years”, which would delay enforcement.

Elisabeth Smith, chief counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights, told CNN that the law is “unconstitutional” and it is unlikely that any district judge would declare this law as constitutional.

CNN also report that the US district judges generally “routinely block” anti-abortion laws while they are going through court.

A Huge Step Back for Humanity

Regardless of whether or not this law ever actually becomes enforceable, the fact that it managed to gain approval, in the USA, is nothing short of terrifying.

It is a massive sign of the strange time period which the world finds itself in. It also represents the unfathomably huge step backwards which humanity is taking.

We are in a situation where the disillusionment towards democratic mechanisms is rife and this judgement is only going to make it worse.

The disparity we all experience in society is scandalously unjustifiable but, I am sad to say, women have it much worse than men.

Gender pay gap aside, there are multiple cultures around the globe in which females are required, by law, to indulge the insecurity of their male counter-part by either covering up, staying home unless escorted by a man or, in some countries, not being able to pass their nationality to a child.

With USA electing a certain outspoken right wing bloke with a dodgy haircut and the UK electing a certain right winged coalition, which includes a party also against abortion, we have to ask ourselves whether our world is as progressive as we like to believe.

Politically Motivated Religious Morality Vs Human Rights and Common Sense

Faith and religion have the ability to be concepts which influence the human race to achieve the most beautifully compassionate milestones.

Politicians and business owners have the power to brainwash anybody into believing their skewed version of morality, in order to feed their own vanity and greed.

A sad fact of the matter is that females, around the globe, are being thrown under the bus so that a few careless blokes with insecurities can continue to reign supreme. And how are they doing it? By brainwashing people into believing their extreme views are morally justified by their interpretation of a book written thousands of years ago.

The Alabama vote was one which saw a male to female ratio of 25:3 (in favour of men) vote on a matter which, let’s be frank, only affects women.

The only time a man should ever have a say in what a women does with regards to her pregnancy is when said pregnancy is a result of his actions. Even then the only real say the man should have is whether, or not, he wants to be a part of raising the resulting child.

Personally, I thought we already moved on from this topic of debate but it keeps rearing its head. At a time where women’s rights are becoming a huge topic of debate (rightfully so) a few misogynistic men are doing all they can to turn the clock back to the days of ‘seen and not heard’.

I want to finish this piece by stating that the women of our species are the life of it and, without them, we are doomed to follow the path of the dinosaurs.

Love, peace and happiness.