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Opinions & Blogs

Everything is F*ck’d and That’s Perfect

The title of this post could easily be misconstrued as a cry for help. It is not. It is merely an acknowledgement of the current situation in which our species finds itself. Obviously I expect that people will instantly spout a response along the lines of "how can everything be...
proposal for an industry wide crypto recovery plan
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Proposal for an Industry-Wide Crypto Recovery Plan

Cryptocurrencies have been varying in popularity over the past 4 years. This is largely down to the almost systematic bull runs which loosely follow the Bitcoin halving cycles. And are then followed by a bear market which completely wipes any gains for multiple gamblers/investors. While the application and utility of...
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Being Mixed-Race is Weird

I can distinctly remember my introduction to the concept of race. It occurred when I was 5 - 6 years old. I was walking home from school with my mother and my older sister. We walked between the now non-existent Salisbury Court and rear garden fences of the houses on...
The words 'a new direction for something decent' written on a black background
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A New Direction for Something Decent

As part of my new year's cleanup I have decided to attempt to tidy-up Something Decent. If you have been around a while you may notice the distinct lack in content now on the site. The said cleanup is the reason for this distinct lack in content. I have always...
Camping in the woods
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London to Glasgow (or St. Albans) by Foot – How I Learnt the Importance of a Good Tent

On Monday, July 13th 2020, I attempted to embark on the ever so optimistic challenge of walking from my humble abode in North London to the sunny, tartan clad, shores of Glasgow. More info on the following: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/opinions-blogs/travel/london-to-glasgow-by-foot-hopefully/ However, as you may have guessed from the title of this post,...
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London to Glasgow by Foot (Hopefully)

Yes, you read that correctly. I plan to walk from London to Glasgow. Whether or not I will make it that far, only time will tell. The journey which starts at my home in north London and ends at whatever google maps dictates to be Glasgow is roughly 380 miles...
pride london 2019
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London Pride 2019 and My Lesson In Partying Solo

On Saturday 6th July 2019 the global Pride movement celebrated its 50th anniversary in spectacular fashion. By the end of the night the internet was awash with photos and videos displaying vibrant colours and happy faces. While, during the day, streets around the world were full of happy people communally...
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