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Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming and Staking for the Layperson

Note: I am not an expert and this is not financial advice. Always do your own research and remember, I'm just some bloke on the internet and I could be wrong. The cryptocurrency space has recently seen an almost cyclical influx of new users aiming to make gains from the...

London to Glasgow by Foot (Hopefully)

Yes, you read that correctly. I plan to walk from London to Glasgow. Whether or not I will make it that far, only time will tell. The journey which starts at my home in north London and ends at whatever google maps dictates to be Glasgow is roughly 380 miles...
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Can We Really Have Democracy Without Conscious Sovereignty?

There are very few countries in the world which are not entirely driven by their economy. Bhutan is one that I know of. The problem with the monetary system in place is that it breeds vanity, which in turn breeds greed. Our governments are controlled by their financial backers, thus...
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