Simply put we’re a website just like the millions of other websites out there in this endless ocean we call the interwebs. Like a significant portion of the other (bad, don’t go to them) websites we think we have a few mint (good for those not familiar with the northern English twang) people on board and up for providing pointless anecdotes/opinions, reviews based on absolutely no merit whatsoever, and an all round misguided but merry old jaunt through this exponentially confusing phenomenon we call life.

Instead of giving some big old BS story about how we were formed to save the world from the almighty Zynthapar – destroyer of worlds and farter of fascism – we’ll level with you, we had the domain for a while and never used it. Then decided to make a website with it.

The driving force behind actually making us get up and use the domain was in an last-gasped attempt to destroy the villainous advertising lord taking grip of the hu…. Our bad, no villains, remember!? Basically we don’t like clicking to read a review of, for example, a chocolate teapot to find the review is just sponsored content, and that the reviewer reckons they used it to brew a cuppa. Get Tae!

While ever so many websites would like to make you think website hosting is this super expensive, only able to afford it if you’re gazillionnaire, phenomenon. It isn’t. A quick Google search will prove this. Although, a quick google search would also show that the cost of hosting goes up with traffic and a server which can’t handle the volume of traffic will just shut its metaphorical doors to the world.

So, how will we stay alive and keep those ever so important doors open to the world? Well, we were kinda hoping that those of you who like the site and our community enough would donate to our cause. Yeah, we know, we’re mere peasants asking for handouts like Oliver Twist asking for a bit more scoff. Don’t judge.

As the crypto market is something we believe in, and would like to support where we can, we are only taking donations in the form of cryptocurrencies, more information can be found here: Click here to go to our donation page

Anyway, with your cryptolicious coins we will continue to provide you with all sorts of irrelevant and semi-coherent ramblings while attempting to expand without succumbing to the soulessness of sponsored content and stealing your information to sell to that numpty Zynthapar.

If you just read this entire page you must be really bored and we salute you!