archivetelos snapshot

telos 6m snapshot

The Telos 6M Snapshot has Been Published

On the 18th January 2019 I wrote an article about Telos completing their first ever snapshot. in the mentioned article I promised to post the list of all included Telos wallets, once it became available. After having a look around this morning I am happy to say that the Telos...

The First Ever Telos Snapshot Has Been Taken

You may remember that I posted an article about the EOS sister chain, Telos. The article explained that they would be taking a snapshot of all Telos accounts which have completed any kind of transaction on the main net prior to block 6m being mined. Once the snapshot had been...

The Telos Snapshot is in Just Two Days!

You may remember my article yesterday which introduced Telos: an EOS based chain with a fair BP governance policy. Well, today I am back with a little more news about the newly formed blockchain startup. This time the news is something which could be of benefit to all of you....