Telos Arbitration

Telos Arbitrator Elections are Impending

The development team behind EOS sister chain, Telos, have been working hard behind the scenes in an attempt address the many issues which affect the EOS blockchain. The latest announcement from the Telos team is quite a big one and addresses something which EOS has promised since their ICO but...

The First Ever Telos Snapshot Has Been Taken

You may remember that I posted an article about the EOS sister chain, Telos. The article explained that they would be taking a snapshot of all Telos accounts which have completed any kind of transaction on the main net prior to block 6m being mined. Once the snapshot had been...
cambridge analytica

Cambridge Analytica Plead Guilty to UK Data Breach

On January 9th 2019, representatives of Cambridge Analytica pleaded guilty to "failing to comply with an enforcement notice issued by the national data protection watchdog" at Hendon Magistrates' court, NW London. The court appearance and admission came after a list of scandals involving democratic elections and referendums, as well as...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Enumivo Release Market Maker Contracts for BTC & Fiat Currencies

Over the past couple of days the development team behind the Enumivo project have been hard at work trying to improve liquidity for their ENU token. As a means of providing said liquidity to their token they have released a number of market maker contracts for different currencies. These contracts...
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