Introducing Shivom: The Next Leap in DNA Data Analysis

After reading the above title you'd be excused for thinking that this post is about a company which is attempting to use blockchain technology to create some form of real-world super humans akin to the X-Men. Let me reassure you of the fact that the aforementioned isn't the case, as...

Airdrop Alert: Iris Network are Giving $6 USD of Tokens Each

Blockchain based healthcare company, Iris, have announced details of their airdrop program which will reward all participants with $6 USD of their tokens. They are also offering a bonus of roughly $1.66 USD for each referral you guide to their drop. TO enter the airdrop all you need to do...

Bounty Beacon: Trusted Health (TDH)

Do you remember the Wizzle Infinity bounty which happened a few weeks ago? Well, Wizzle are back, sort of. The Dutch crypto startup have teamed up with fellow crypto startup Trusted Health to assist their platform. What's more is Trusted health are now conducting a bounty campaign of their own....