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Airdrop Alert: Eurno have Released Their Airdrop dApp

Those of you who regularly check our lovely website will be aware of our affiliation with the Eurno project. A few weeks ago I wrote an article which informed our readers of the prospective release of the Eurno self claim airdrop and now it has arrived! The Eurno airdrop has...

Airdrop Alert: Get 25 PRE Tokens for a Quick Signup

Newly formed online search engine providers, Presearch, are currently seeking to increase awareness of their platform by conducting a free cryptocurrency airdrop of their PRE token. They are offering 25 tokens to anybody who joins their platform, plus an extra .25 tokens each time you use them to make an...

Airdrop Alert: Change Now are Giving $30 in NOW Tokens

Already operating cryptocurrency exchange, Change Now, are currently taking registrations for the free airdrop distribution of their proposed NOW token. Their airdrop will see each successful participant receive 150 NOW tokens (worth roughly $30 USD according to their post) for completing a few easy social tasks. Mandatory Requirements In order...

Airdrop Alert: Zen AD are Dropping 3000 Tokens to Each Claimant

Newly formed blockchain startup, Zen AD, are currently distributing their tokens through an airdrop smart contract. The airdrop is to be conducted in the same manner as the Enumivo airdrop which took place in February this year and sees users pay for their own gas. Currently the tokens do not...
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