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News Closes due to Lack of Liquidity

On January 28th 2019 I received a relatively abrupt email from which simply stated that the exchange would be halting all proceedings due to to a lack of liquidity on their exchange. I know, ironic, right? Simply put, this means that anybody with funds in the cryptocurrency exchange...

Airdrop Alert: INCX are Giving $8 USD in Tokens to all Participants

Newly formed crypto company, INCX (International Crypto Exchange), have released details of their free crypto airdrop distribution stage which will reward all successful participants with roughly $8 USD in their crypto token. To enter the airdrop you will need to complete all the normal tasks (join Telegram, Twitter etc) and,...

Introducing Kkex: An International Digital Asset Exchange

Many of you may remember a couple of my recent posts which announced that a young exchange, Kkex, was teaming up with popular cryptocurrency, Enumivo, to conduct an exclusive interview with the project's creator, and to host an airdrop of their Liteshares native currency, LTS. Well, the rapidly growing exchange...

Airdrop Alert: Get 50 WCX for Registering on their Website

Startup cryptocurrency exchange, WCX, are currently trying to drive up the numbers with an airdrop distribution which will reward all participants with 50 tokens for signing up on their website. They are also rewarding users with 50 extra tokens for each person they refer to their airdrop. I currently do...
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