stablecoin replace fiat

Opinion: Stable Coins will Replace Fiat, not Cryptocurrencies

Before I get started I want to say I am a firm believer in cryptocurrencies and in blockchain technology. I simply do not believe that the 'powers that be' would stand by and allow for a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, to replace traditional fiat currencies. That is not to say...
ethereum reentrancy

Constantinople Bug Stalls Rollout

The Ethereum Core Developers and The Ethereum Security Committee have taken the step of stalling their rollout of the anticipated Constantinople upgrade due to the discovery of a security risk. The security risk was found by Chain security (an organisation dedicated to providing security assessments for blockchain projects) and is...

From the Ashes of Oyster PRL Rises the Phoenix of Opacity

You may remember my previous article about the debacle known as the Oyster PRL exit scam, which saw the company's CEO and founder, at the time, run off with roughly $300k in wrongly minted tokens. After doing the dirty he then decided to go off on a rant about insider...
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