An Interview With-Enumivo

Considering EOS Development? Try Enumivo at a Fraction of the Price

The founder of the growing blockchain Enumivo (a fork of EOS by Block.One), Aiden Pearce, has proposed what could become a very generous and exciting bounty. The bounty will seek to reward anybody who wishes to utilise the high performance and low cost nature of the Enumivo blockchain for their...
Newdex Hack

The Latest Crypto ‘Hack’ Emphasises a Need to Do Your Research

Yesterday (18th September 2018) the news broke that a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) called Newdex was hacked to the tune of roughly $58k due to their complacent design which lacked a smart contract. While it may seem like a pittance in comparison to the more publicised and famous crypto hacks...
An Interview With-Enumivo

The Enumivo Main-net Blockchain is now Live

All of the regular readers here at Something Decent will already have an idea of what Enumivo is, and is about. If you're not one of them I will provide a quick recap to bring you up to speed: Enumivo is a standalone blockchain which is based on the open...

Airdrop Alert: ONO are Rewarding all EOS Holders

Blockchain based startup, ONO, are currently preparing for their free cryptocurrency airdrop to EOS holders. Their airdrop is set to reward every EOS wallet which was holding EOS tokens during their inaugural snapshot with ONOT tokens. They are planning on conducting the airdrop with a 1:1 rewards policy, which means...
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