Coin Tiger List Enumivo

Enumivo is Now Listed on Coin Tiger

Popular China based cryptocurrency exchange, Coin Tiger, have announced that they have officially listed the main net Enumivo cryptocurrency on their platform, with pairs to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Enumivo token is traded under the ENU ticker and this listing marks a great step towards raising awareness about the project....
Crypto UBI
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Cryptocurrency UBI Programs

With the current state of the cryptocurrency market I thought I would take a minute to write an article which informs all of our readers of some currently active blockchain based UBI projects. We all know that numerous people have been rekt in this super grizzly bear market and, instead...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Enumivo Release Their Oracle System

You may remember an article I released some time ago which explained the proposed UBI payment system from cryptocurrency project, Enumivo. If you don't remember, the jist of it was that they were planning on using blockchain technology to deliver a universal basic income system to all members of their...
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