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Vechain Partner with PICC

VeChain Have Officially Partnered with The People’s Insurance Company of China

In an attempt to bring on a digital transformation of their company which embraces blockchain tech, The People's Insurance Company of China (PICC) have announced that they have signed deals with a number of tech companies, one of which is VeChain. PICC, a company which boasts the title of one...

ForkDelta have Officially Moved Domain

This will probably come as old news to a lot of you but if this comes as new information to you please read on. As you can probably decipher from the title of this post this is a short and simple article to inform those who may not be aware...

Quantstamp set to Audit and Advise Wanchain

After what must seem like a bucket load of rumours cropping up over the past couple of weeks, the Quantstamp team have finally chimed in to the Wanchain partnership debate and confirmed the news which the QSP supporting community will, no doubt, have been waiting for: Quantstamp is officially partnering...