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Schitt’s Creek: From riches to the bottom of the barrel

Schitt’s Creek, we’ve all been there, right? The world you know crumbling around you and everything you love and hold dear becoming increasingly out of reach while all you have ever feared seems to be encroaching on your personal space at an exponential rate. This is the motto of this week’s recommendation.

The recommendation comes after seeing the amazing enigmatic cloud of pomps and glitter I call a girlfriend fall in love with the show and, ironically, recommend it to me. After having a week on what felt like my death bed I too fell in love with it.

There I was, a big old sweaty, smelly, phlegmy mess looking for something to take my mind off the death I was feeling, and the urge to smoke I was trying to kick, when I found my shining light in the most unsuspecting of places… Schitt’s Creek.

Another Netflix original, the show just adds to the long list of great productions which the internet based company are releasing and it is honestly gripping from the very first episode.

The shows starts with more commotion that you can shake a stick at, seeing the Rose family – a wealthy family owning a global video company – being raided by the Inland Revenue Service, all family members clawing at whatever personal belongings they can grab before the feds flog them on to the highest bidder.

Following on from the fanfare of the raid you’re placed in a legal meeting where it is explained that the companies business manager pulled a fast one and ran off with all the families money leaving them with seemingly nothing. Other than a town which was bought as a joke… Schitt’s Creek. It turns out that this little backward town is all that this once globe trotting family now owns.

From here on out the show is based around the family’s arduous task of rebuilding a life in a rural town, in the middle of nowhere, and it’s funny. Really funny. So many times when watching this show I have been laughing away, on my own, in my room like an absolute lunatic.

Schitts Creek

For me, I find the way that the characters are portrayed to be truly hilarious and reminiscent of the mentality I experience from locals in little towns around the UK. The thing which I think makes me laugh more than anything else is the realisation that I am probably very similar to the Rose’s in a number of ways and when I visit these ‘backward’ towns I am probably seen as mentality incapable as the lead characters of this show.

At this point you’re probably wondering why I have gone in such great detail to tell you why I love the show but have failed to tell you what it is about, other than a rich family gone poor adjusting to life in a backward town and, truth is, that is what it is about. It’s a series so the best thing I can suggest is watching it and seeing for yourself. If has Kevin’s mum from Home Alone if that helps?

If you’re looking for a new series to start watching this is one which I highly recommend and, what’s better yet, there are currently three seasons for you to sink your teeth into and catch up on. Definitely give this one a watch. Big up to Netflix on the content!

Available to watch on Neflix