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TV & Film

A place for articles related to the TV and film industries. Expect to find opinions on recent releases as well as old time classics.

TV & Film

Disney’s Jungle Book: The Story of a Lad Who Leaves His Mukkas at First Sight of Some Strange

Every soul who pooped in a nappy between the 70’s and 90’s has seen the original animated Jungle Book film by Disney, right? You know, the one where the little lad is raised by animals in the jungle and they all band together to banish the human eating tiger, Shere...
TV & Film

Someone should make a film about El Chapo

As pretty much everybody knows by now, Mexican drug lord, El Chapo (Joaquín Guzmán Loera), has once again broken out of a maximum security prison in his native Mexico. According to reports, the prison break was the result of quite an elaborate plan which involved a tunnel, reported to be...
TV & Film

Looking for something to watch? Check Rick and Morty

It's late at night, you're hopelessly re-watching episodes of South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons or American Dad, wishing that there was some new episodes for you to watch. We've all been there. Well I might just have a suggestion that may well be right up your street. Rick and...
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