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Looking for something to watch? Check Rick and Morty

It’s late at night, you’re hopelessly re-watching episodes of South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons or American Dad, wishing that there was some new episodes for you to watch. We’ve all been there. Well I might just have a suggestion that may well be right up your street.

Rick and Morty, I repeat, Rick and Morty! If you enjoy watching animated series’ that feature crazy story lines, occasional bad language and a pretty much no holds barred outlook on the world, this show is definitely for you.

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon back in December 2013, it features an eccentric alcoholic scientist, Rick, and his easily lead grandson, Morty, with a slight resemblance to the classic film, Back To The Future.

Each episode is as unpredictable as the last and, often sees Rick taking his grandson, and sometimes other family members, on adventures throughout the cosmos or different alternate universes.

So far the mismatched duo have been to an alternate universe where people are replaced with sofas, destroyed the world they live in then killed themselves in a parallel universe to usurp their position, and freed a gaseous entity, who likes the name fart, from galactic prison.

Obviously that is just a few of the outcomes of some of the episodes and there is a hell of a lot more craziness to be observed from the comfort of your home.

The unique show has been renewed for a second season which scheduled to air on July 26th on Adult Swim and, with its increase in popularity, they even got the opportunity to guest animate a ‘couch gag’ on The Simpsons for promotion.

As the show continues to air it is surely one that will continue to rise in popularity and I strongly recommend that any fan of crazy story lines, animation and science fiction watches it.