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Get Out: A Weirdly Gripping Film About Rich White People and Their Ebony Fetish

So, it’s time for the first ever ‘Treat Yourself Tip’ from us over here at Something Decent. Well, I say us, it’s really from me, DaFingIs.

Anyway, this little old ditty comes in the form of a film which isn’t all that old, actually. To be honest it has only just been released and this post may contain spoilers, so, if you haven’t seen it and you’re the type of person to get their knickers in a twist over spoilers you should maybe go watch the film and then come back to read this non sensical rhetoric.

Right, now we have the old legal jargon out of the way lets get down to the nitty gritty. Get Out, the film (I’m not telling you to leave), I ended up watching this with my amazing fartner in prime (girlfriend) and, if I am honest, I would never have watched it without her as she was the one who decided we should watch a ‘scary’ film, and then that we should watch Get Out.

At first watch, if you’re British, you will most likely, like I did, instantly recognise the lead actor as “that guy from Black Mirror and Skins” and, I have to say, he absolutely hammers the lead role in Get Out – puts on an American accent and all sorts.

Starring Daniel Kaluuya (gwarn the Brits) and Allison Williams the film depicts a story of two lovers who go away to the girlfriends parents house for the first time and then encounter all sorts of strange goings on which seem to revolve around a family fetish for those with a bit of melanin in their system.

As their stay progresses things seem to get stranger and stranger for poor old Chris (Daniels name in the film) and start to seem as though he has been taken back in time to some strange white supremacist land with the mother-load of mind fuckers in charge.

Turns out that Rosie’s (Allison’s character) father is some shit hot neurosurgeon and her old lady is a mind bending hypnotist with a weird fetish for stirring a cup of tea but never actually drinking it. Her treatment of my favourite bevvy would of instantly made me leave that house.

After a brief bout of hypnotism (to stop him from smoking) things start to get seriously strange for Chris leading up to the revelation that Rosie is just some weird white girl who enjoys a bit of black strange, and indulging in a bit of kidnapping.


I don’t want to ruin the film completely so I will leave telling the story there for now but what I will say is that Get Out is most definitely a film worth the watch. I wont lie, both my Mrs and I fell asleep half way through, but that isn’t the test of a good film – we always fall asleep during films – the test is whether we like it enough to watch the end when we wake up, and we did.

I’d even go as far to say I’d watch it again. Yes the story is a tad predictable and, at times, a bit ludicrous, but it’s a film, what do you expect? As with all films, if it was super realistic it would be boring as fuck and would probably have just been an hour and a half long bitch fest between a couple who are having disagreements about the social acceptability of Rosie’s parents’ butlers ethnicity.

Anyway, overall, great film which is well worth the watch and, of course, it always helps having a Brit in the lead role!