Geralds Game: Strange Sex Games Which Turn a bit Incestuous… Oh, and there’s a Demon… Who Isn’t a Demon
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Geralds Game: Strange Sex Games Which Turn a bit Incestuous… Oh, and there’s a Demon… Who Isn’t a Demon

After reading the above title you’re probably wondering what the F I am on about with that strange sentence. Well, if that is the case, I am going to assume you haven’t seen the recently released Netflix original film Gerald’s Game, in which case this post may contain spoilers which you may want to avoid.

Anyway, now that is out the way, let’s start with the film, which starts with a middle aged couple (Jessie and Gerald) embarking on a sexually explorative holiday in an attempt to add a bit of sauciness to their fleeting sex life. Noice.

When the sexually frustrated duo arrive at their little chateau de debauch for a good old fashioned weekend of la petite mort (the little death – French term for orgasm) it becomes quite evident that this isn’t a story about a lovey-dovey couple gone away for a weekend of sticky fun times, more a story of a sexually frustrated woman, with all sorts of mental demons, and a husband who, quite frankly, is bloody bizarre.

I’ll spare the big reveal but those who have watched it will know what I mean about the husband. Maybe I’m old fashioned, who knows. Anyway, the story progresses to Jessie being handcuffed to a bed and going seemingly batshit crazy as her husband lay dead on the floor, at the foot of their meant to be sexy fun times bed.

When I say batshit, I mean batshit. I mean fully imagining people and having a merry old chin wag with them. But thats understandable given the circumstances. I digress, as we’re taken through Jessie’s mental torments of present and pass there’s a lot of creepy cut scenes which you’re lead to believe are in her head.

These creepy cut scenes vary from shots of her dead husband doing and weird shit and also scenes of another creepy demon looking guys sucking her toes and all sorts else. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s a dog that decides to have a little old nibble for dinner.


As the film draws to a close, I wont tell you what happens with Jessie, the creepy demon fella pops up again and actually turns out to just be some lunatic with a few physical and mental disabilities.

Overall I’d definitely recommend Gerald’s Game to anyone looking for a twisted horror to watch on a night in. As with most films I watched with my partner and, while we always fall asleep during films, we actually managed to stay awake for the entirety! Give it a watch.

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