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Flight of the Conchords: Dry humour from two musically gifted Kiwis

Many of you are probably reading the above title and thinking “Flight of the Conchords!? That’s not exactly a tip, it came out a bloody decade ago, you tit!” if so you’d be right but, at the same time, it is a show that never really received the light of day which it was truly deserving of. Will this post get it that acclaim which I feel it should receive? More than likely not, but hey, at least I tried!

For those of you who haven’t seen it and are completely oblivious as to what, or who, the Flight of the Conchords are, let me give you a little insight: It’s a TV show which followed the lives of two illegal immigrants (Brett and Jemain), from New Zealand, living in New York and trying to make a career out of their musical genius.

The show was aired for two seasons, from 2007 until 2009, and saw the band actually do band things like release music videos, go on tour and do the occasional show at a theatre, propelling all three lead actors (Murrey Hewitt – their manager in the show – is a prominent character and massively adds to the awkward dry humour throughout) to go onto further roles after the Flight of the Conchords had finished.

As the show progresses you’re taken through all the normal scenarios you’d expect of an independent band trying to break it in New York, the one difference being that the show is not dramatised in a way which most are used to.

Forget the big flashing lights, dramatic explosions and sexy girlfriend breakups which blow up into all encompassing affairs. No, this show delivers in dead pan, straight faced, realistic dry humour. The unemphatic nature of so many downfalls are what make this show such a diamond in the dirt. It truly is something to behold.

Who knows, I may find it funny as the sense of humour is so unquestionably British but, whatever the case, you should definitely give it a watch for yourself and make your own mind up!