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Disney’s Jungle Book: The Story of a Lad Who Leaves His Mukkas at First Sight of Some Strange

Every soul who pooped in a nappy between the 70’s and 90’s has seen the original animated Jungle Book film by Disney, right? You know, the one where the little lad is raised by animals in the jungle and they all band together to banish the human eating tiger, Shere Kahn? Then they live happily ever after? Well, sort of.

As is often the case with remakes, when Disney decided to remake and release this absolute legend of a film the misses and I decided that it would be a good idea to re-watch the original classic and reminisce on our undignified days in front of the TV while elegantly plotted on the potty. So we did.

After a nostalgic hour and a bit of re-watching one of my childhood favourites I realised one of two things: the story behind the film, and especially the ending of it, isn’t actually as nice as I seemed to recall; or my old age has made me one hell of a cynical old git.

If you can’t remember, the story starts with Mowgli, a lad raised by wolves, being taken back to the human land by his mate Bagheera (panther), because of the news that Shere Kahn (tiger) is knocking about the jungle and has a tasty little fetish for human flesh.

Due to his unwillingness to accept the inevitable danger Mowgli has a bit of a tiff with Bagheera which leads to Bagheera telling him to get tae (not in those words) and Mowgli meeting Baloo (bear).

After a merry old song and dance Baloo promises to protect Mowgli and they become good mukkas, ultimately banding together with Bagheera, and other’s, to send Shere Kahn packing.

It’s at this point that the rose tinted glasses came off, for me at least. After finally eliminating the danger and making the jungle safe for his inhabitance, through putting all his mukkas’ lives at risk, he catches a glimpse of a girl getting some water and singing a little ditty.

What happens? He leaves his mates without the slightest of second thoughts and attempts to pursue this random girl that he’s never even met. Wanker!

The whole film is around the fact that he wants to stay in the jungle and live with his mates and they all put themselves at serious risk of death to make it safe, for him literally to just up and leave the second he thinks he has a shot at some strange. Motto of the story, Mowgli is a snake and Bagheera should of left him inside Kaa (python).