Opinion pieces which focus on the topic of society in an attempt to analyse changes which may be occurring in some cultures, as well as differences in the mentality of people.

Elon Musk Joe Rogan Experience Weed

The Irony of People’s Reaction to Elon Musk Smoking Weed with Joe Rogan I know this article could be considered to a be a tad 'late' in the grand scheme of things but, hey, I've had a lot of work on and only recently got around to actually watching the Joe Rogan Experience podcast which featured Elon Musk as a guest. Although...
Crushed bicycle

Cyclists, are we Really Such a Nuisance?

Firstly, i’m not a great fan of labelling myself as anything, let alone a cyclist. Mainly because i don’t dress myself in full lycra from the neck down just to go for a short ride to get a tin of beans, and also because i think labelling yourself as something...

Remember ‘knocking for someone’?

As this is the first post in ye olde 'back in the day' column I thought I would start with a topic that would most likely show my age and give a slight insight into life as a youth pre internet and mobile phone. Well, I say pre, what I...
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