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Happy Belated New Year!

I may be four days late with my wishing of a happy new year to all of our readers, for which I am sorry (I’ve been celebrating away in the Welsh mountains enjoying a digital detox). But still, the sentiment is the same, I wish everyone who has been part of the Something Decent community a very happy new year which is full of prosperity and happiness.

A recap of last year

For many of you, last would have been the year in which you were introduced to both myself and the Something Decent website. Since I first had the idea of making this website I must admit that it has seen its focus chop and change like the British weather – we began the year posting heavily about crypto airdrops, then progressed to more crypto oriented articles and then had a bit of a lull in releasing content.

The truth of it all is that I would have loved to continue to post crypto airdrops for all the readers of this website but I started to notice way too many popping up for me to keep on top of, and then began noticing that many of the airdrops which were active were just grabbing the personal details of those who entered and then spamming them within an inch of their life. I also noticed that a large volume of the airdropped tokens on Ethereum were just straight-up shit-coins which do more damage to the crypto-verse than good.

All this in mind I took the conscious decision to add some airdrop listing guidelines which have been followed for the posting of some of the more recent airdrop listings.

A recap of Eurno

You may also have noticed that I began work on my own project, Eurno LTD, while simultaneously working with the Enumivo core team. The Eurno project is still moving ahead as planned, we are just simply having a bit of an issue with distribution if I am bluntly honest. When we initially started distribution I had devised an Ethereum dApp which allowed people to claim their tokens, however, it got gamed quickly and forced Eurno to abandon the ETH platform in favour of Enumivo where we could use their ID system to verify claimants. This ID system has been discontinued so we are now back at square one.

The project is still continuing to move ahead and I am personally developing the MVP (our voting dApp), however, distribution of our ENO token is something which is once again being discussed between myself and Nadim. We will continue to put the overall goal of the project above the short-term value of the token and this will be the precedent we set for the longevity of Eurno.

Moving forward

Moving forward you can expect that both the Something Decent website and Eurno project will continue to move toward their goals (SD: A sponsored content and ad free website providing unique content for no charge – Eurno: A decentralised, self-governed charitable venture platform). I will be dedicating most of my time to both projects and plan on doing my utmost to grow them both organically and healthily.

As many of you will already know, both projects are entirely self-funded by myself and Nadim which is always going to put up hurdles as neither of us are exactly rolling in the money (we both have full time jobs). Anyway, I wanted to make this post to give an idea of where we are heading and to reassure everyone that both projects are continuing and will not be budging from their values/initial goals.