happy 420 2019

Happy 420 from Something Decent!

Whether you enjoy consuming your glorious Mary Jane in an edible, bong or big old traditional bifta one thing is for sure: today is your day to share your preference with the rest of world. As April 20th makes its sluggish appearance on the global calendars millions of appreciators of Mother Nature’s glorious herb – marijuana – are preparing to celebrate the internationally celebrated weed day with eyes redder than Santa’s coat and a bag of munchies bigger than his sack of gifts.

While most countries are still getting with the program, numerous countries around the globe have acknowledged and accepted the fact that cannabis is not something to be demonised and that smoking a doobie will not turn people into brain dead zombies covered in ash. Since its legalisation in places such as the USA (well, a fair few states) the cannabis industry is one which is rapidly growing into an extremely lucrative one.

Last year Grand View Research posted an article estimating that the total value of the industry could reach $146.4 billion by the year 2025 (source) which is great news for those hoping for legalisation in their own country. If there is one thing we know that governments listen to, its money and the current market cap of the industry is just the tip of the iceberg.

Advancement in Generally Accepted Uses

Many bud smokers have long known the medicinal benefits of the naturally occurring compounds grown on the marijuana plant but it seems that the mainstream media and corporate entities are only just catching up.

In the past decade there have been a swathe of stories involving worried parents which have children suffering from diseases, such as epilepsy, and have had to illegally medicate them with homemade THC/CBD tinctures in order to calm the symptoms experienced by their child. But, for whatever reason, mainstream media outlets have preferred to focus on a smear campaign against weed and omit the many benefits of its main active compounds.

It is only now, in 2019 that we are beginning to see the war on weed has been won, by weed. Governments, media outlets and close minded people alike are now finding themselves accepting the facts that cannabis has a place in the medicinal world, that it can be used for anything from paper to cooking oil and that using it recreationally, generally, wont lead to much worse than an empty fridge.

Although I am not advising anybody to self diagnose and go make a load of THC/CBD oils to feed their kids, there is a medically accepted place for the beloved compound of stoners worldwide within the medical world.

You Don’t Even Need to Smoke it

As with all substances, the start of the legalisation revolution has lead to multiple explorations into the methods by which a person can consume cannabis. People have always known that you can eat or drink weed (Bhang Lassi – basically a weed milkshake – has been a traditional Holi Festival drink in India for years) however, since its legalisation in many USA states and Canada, the research going into the field of marijuana has exploded.

Nowadays you can make a quick google search for cannabis and find everything from skin rubs to vape juices which are made from the plant. Further to that, there are now huge markets for the non-psychoactive variants of it, just search for CBD products and you will see what I mean.

My Personal Message

Having been introduced to Mary Jane about 19 years ago I think it is fair to say I have quite a bit of experience with it. I have personally been through stages of abusing it like it was going out of fashion (smoking around 7g of skunk a day) and also through phases of complete abstinence.

I have rolled tulips, windmills, plaits and straight up monster joints. I have had cakes, cookies, oils, Bhang Lassi, hash, bud, trim and vape juice. I have smoked super strength skunk with > 20% THC, low grade bush weed from a holy-man in the Himalayas, blow your head off ice hash and relaxing CBD bud with < 0.2% THC.

In my current mind state I enjoy having a joint when the time is right, that might mean when my partner and I are up a mountain and taking in the awe inspiring views offered by Mother Nature. It may also mean in the bath with a cuppa after a long shift at work which has seen me set up five stages and full PA to match.

Whatever the case, the point is that marijuana is something which should be appreciated by all, but abused by none. You don’t have to smoke it, eat it or even look at it but don’t condemn those who do. And if you are a toker celebrating today have a big toke for me, and remember to know your limits! Happy 420!

Love, peace and happiness.