Ban fox hunting and sort out what really matters

As many of you are probably already aware, UK prime minister, David Cameron, is set to allow a ‘free vote’ on the fox hunting laws that are in place in the UK as early as next week.

One of the aims of this so called free vote is to bring the laws in England and Wales into synchrony with those of Scotland, where an unlimited number of dogs can be used instead of the two allowed in the rest of the UK.

With this sneaky bit of legislation being stealthily brought into action, somewhat through the backdoor, it begs the question: why on earth are we allowing people to kill another animal in the name of ‘sport’?

In 2005, under the last Labour government, the hunting act, which drastically limited the so-called ‘sport’, was put into place and, with the free vote impending, it could be entirely scrapped.

Speaking at the Prime Ministers Questions, David Cameron said “I don’t know what everyone else came here for but I think that’s quite a good idea.”

Of course you do David.

If you’re unaware of what fox hunting is, I’ll give you a brief round up: Fox hunting is a ‘sport’ which sees a bunch of posh twats to ride around on horse back and use dogs to flush out innocent foxes which are subsequently killed, for no good reason.

Those part-taking in the cruel and evil act try to justify it by classing the fox as a pest and, acting like they are doing some form of good deed while, dressing up in some old timey costume.

The fact of the matter is this, people are killing animals so they can get a giddy little thrill and spend a day riding around on a horse while toting a gun.

With the country pretty much firmly planted in the echelons of the shitter I think we have much bigger issues to be addressing instead of those which allow the rich to slaughter foxes for fun.

If Mr Cameron wants to start legalising things, how about you start with weed? Or how about you sort out the voting system so a party with only 36% of votes isn’t considered as a ‘majority’? Hey, while we’re on it, why don’t you scrap tuition fees for people who are trying to better themselves and this country?

With student grants being abolished from next year and fox hunting back up for debate it seems that us minor peasants, not in the 50% tax bracket, really are getting the short straw shoved straight up our arses by this austerity loving government and now poor defenseless animals are quite literally headed for the morgue with us.