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No, I want fries IN that!

Everybody loves a burger, right? Even if it’s a vegetarian one, we all still love a good old slab of chewy protein inbetween a couple puffs of bread, with all the trimmings. Further to that, we all love a good old side of chips (French fries, not crisps). This brings me to my question/advice/rant/pointless anecdote: Why do burger gaffs not sell every burger with chips inside?

I know that I cannot be alone, although I do also know I am in the minority with this, in solely ordering chips with my burger so I can dissemble the meaty mastgerpiece to add a tasty little potato based treat inside. There’s is something about that extra texture sensation which just improves the burger by miles.

You know when you get them absolutely ridiculous chips that are seasoned perfectly, crispy on the outside and fluffier than a poodle on the inside? That is what you NEED in your burger! The extra sensation of texture and taste will transform any burger from a dead McDonalds hamburger to some glorious one of a kind, blessed by a holy cow’s butthole, sensation.

So, why do so few burger shops offer burgers with chips inside them? I dont know but I can tell you one thing: It needs to change!

Next time you find yourself with a burger in your hands, get some chips and stuff them in that bad boy! You wone be dissapointed.