Milburn: The Ones That Got Away…. Then came back!

Here we have the first ever reccommendation to be made within the ‘give it a try‘ section here at Something Decent. I’ve decided that an appropriate place to start would be with a band which I and all members of the Something Decent staff hold very close to home, the mighty Milburn!

The reason we all have such an afinity with the band is simply the number of intoxicated nights we’ve had while either listening to or covering theyre original album: Well Well Well. The gutting thing about them was the fact that I’d only found out about them after they’d already split up.

However, with the Sheffield lads back on the scene all is orgasmic in the world of music for Milburn fans. After their initial reunion gigs at the beginning of the year they proceeded with a mini festival at their spiritual home, Sheffield, in June 2017.

Since smashing that gig they’ve been planning tours, albums and allsorts else while releasing a steady stream of new music for all us eager fans.

Having read all of this sentimental fraff about why I am reccommending Milburn to you, you’re probably wondering when I am going to give you an idea of their sound. So, here you go, without trying to say they sound like this person or that person the best thing to say is any fan of electric guitars and lead vocals with a northern twang will love them, as you will if you’re a fan of the Arctic Monkeys. Just listen to the video above and you will get an idea of what I mean.

As mentioned, the lads are in the process of releasing a brand new album which has a number of people eager with anticipation! For now we will all have to make do with their latest single Nothing for You.