Isaac Gracie: The Unsuspecting Voice

As the little old title above would most ikely suggest, this week’s Give ‘Em a Go reccommendation is the uniquley beautiful voice of Isaac Gracie. Well, not just his voice, all the other bits that make the artist, too.

Coinciding with last week’s reccommendation of Milburn, this here tip off to Isaac Gracie also comes from a sentimental place, this time involving both myself and my gaseous queen of a misses.

Take the clock on a wee jaunt back to the arse-end of 2015 and you’ll find the two of us farting around the world and getting to know each other, while planning all sorts of future adventures. All the while Isaac Gracie was preparing to release a song which grip the two of us: Last Words.

After hearing the song on BBC Introducing’s radio show we both decided we had to see the lad in person and duly went to buy tickets to see him support Blaenovan in North London. The show was emotional, intimate and all the fancy adjectives that publicists like to use to get people feeling a bit sticky downstairs.

Since releasing that enigmatic fabled old doozey of a song all that time ago Isaac is back with a new EP and a bunch of random songs taken from live gigs and studio sessions. While he doesn’t have a full album out I’m sure it wont be long until we hear of one being released.

Regardless of the small quantity of released material from Isaac Gracie he is choc-a-bloc with tours around the UK and Europe and you’d most certainly do yourself a solid if you trudge along to see him.

Keeping with tradition, it would appear that I’ve failed to inform you of the type of music which Isaac makes. The easiest way to describe his genre would be alternative, I guess. It’s quite hard to place exactly as he is very unique in both tone and style.

To put it best I would go along and say that anyone who is a fan of chilled out and emotional music will love his style of songwriting and should definitely get involved and check him out.