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If you’re looking for decent summer playlists, check these YouTube channels

In the name of entertaining the masses and sharing that sweet, sweet online love, we have decided to post a nice little list of YouTube channels that provide the world with great playlists, full of remixes and tunes.

We all know the struggle of trying to be the YouTube DJ when you’ve got your mates over and we at Somethin’ Decent have these guys all to be of great assistance.

The majority of the music from the channels listed below is either, electronic, house or just chilled summer vibes music, but it is summer after all!

Anyway, here goes!

Eric Clapman

The official channel of Eri Clapman and E.C recordings, features mashups and mixes

La Belle Musique

Established in 2013, features fresh mixes and allows user submissions (our personal favourite)

MH Musique

Started up in June 2014, has a load of mixes and simply describes themselves as ‘from the known to the unknown’

House Bootleg Party

Started in June 2013 and features mostly house mixes, great channel if you’re into electronic and house music

Feel The Sound

Started up in September 2014 so quite a new channel, but still, features great deep house and lounge mixes

Stay See

Started up in 2014 and features a variety of chilled music which is aimed at sending you on a ‘soulful trip’

Chill Your Mind

Started up in January 2014 and promotes a wide variety of electronic and chilled out music, some great playlists here!

The Sound You Need

One of the more established channels, started up in 2012 and features everything from house and electro to hip hop and lounge, another one of our favourites