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Sugar, the Scapegoat of the Overweight and Under-motivated

Its been a while since I posted anything which wasn’t crypto/blockchain related on Something Decent and, to be honest, I want to get back to regularly updating the various other sections of the website. So, today I am going to attempt to open discussion about a subject I have seen a lot of debate on recently: sugar.

It may seem like an extremely random topic of debate (hence the Random Tangent category) but it is something which I feel pretty strongly about as I am seeing an exponentially increasing number of people treating natural sugars as if they are the devil, and using a number of experimental alternatives in place of them.

Before I start I want to make it clear that I am in no way against people using artificial sweeteners if they wish, that is their choice. I believe everyone should have the right to do what they want with their body. I am simply against this strange state of affairs which is seeing it becoming nigh-on impossible to buy a drink in the UK which does not have some weird sci-fi sounding sugar alternative, and the misinformation regarding sugar which is being spread through the mainstream media. Simply put, I find it all a bit bizarre and lazy.

If you quickly conduct a random search for “health effects of sugar” on Google you will instantly be greeted with a load of articles which seem as if they are aiming to scare the reader into believing that sugar is a bad thing. The problem is, what most people don’t actually realise, the fact that almost every scientific study which has been objectively conducted clearly states that “too much” sugar is bad for you. I’d like to argue that this is the case for literally everything.

Did you know that you can die from drinking too much water? Don’t believe me? Google it. If you eat too much of any food you will become obese and probably live a short, unfulfilled life. If you do not brush your teeth they will rot regardless of whether you have two spoons of sugar or two stevia pills in your brew. As extreme as it sounds, even oxygen is proven to kill a human in roughly 80 – 100 years, it is just a slow burner. So why the sudden urge to stop everyone from having sugar in their pop?

In my honest opinion it is partially down to the fractured society we now find ourselves pitted in. We no longer seem to be a society which is intent on finding out the truth for the benefit of everyone, we have become this weird society in which everybody wants to win an argument at the pub. We have become a society where accepting the blame for our actions is unheard of. We have become a society in which any given person’s obesity is everyone else’s fault but their own.

It is this mentality, in my opinion, which is responsible for the strange situation which we find ourselves in in the UK (I cannot speak for other countries). It seems that nowadays people have been given an easy scapegoat which they can point their finger at when they gain a bit of extra weight but want to continue having the customary two sugars in their coffee or tea. It’s the defenceless target which doesn’t argue back when you blame it for your 8 year old son’s rotten teeth, as you fill his lunchbox with chocolate bars and pop. It is the easy target to make you feel less guilty about the fact that you have gone up four dress sizes in the past year, and continue to stuff your face with Mr Kipling’s Angel Cakes.

Simply put, making sugar the scapegoat of the “public obesity health crisis” is the easiest way to create a society which consumes excessive amounts of calorific foods without accountability. There may well be some benefits to using sugar replacements such as Stevia (the one I mainly know from Breaking Bad, I will not lie) but the fact of the matter is we do not know the long term implications of using such substances while humans (and most other animals/plants) have required sugars as part of their diet since day dot.

The fact of the matter is we, as a society, are making a scapegoat out of a substance which is entirely natural (if you get raw sugar cane) and has been partly responsible for the evolution of our life on earth, just so that we can continue to live excessive lifestyles.

The fact of the matter is that we, as human beings, are becoming increasingly less able to accept fault and control our habits/addictions, and situations such as the current one regarding sugar highlight that we, as people, need to start being able to point the finger at ourselves for our own unhappiness regarding our body.

Simply blaming sugar and then continuing to gorge on so-called healthy alternatives is only going to exasperate the perceived health crisis and anyone who feels the need to opt for all these alternatives might be better off simply eating/drinking less junk.