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Everything is F*ck’d and That’s Perfect

The title of this post could easily be misconstrued as a cry for help. It is not. It is merely an acknowledgement of the current situation in which our species finds itself.

Obviously I expect that people will instantly spout a response along the lines of “how can everything be fucked when [INSERT_NATURAL_PHENOMENON] exists”? The fact that such examples need be expressed as justification for our existence beyond fucking shit up says a lot.

The fact of the matter is that humankind is so unbelievably efficient at completely destroying everything in our path that we are happy to destroy the very systems on which our existence relies. We simply. Cannot. Help. It.

Even when we do something unfathomably productive such as, oh, I don’t know, make a lump of metal…. FLY! We do something destructive like use it to nuke a couple cities and render them uninhabitable for decades to come.

None of this need be taken as either good or bad, it simply is. And it poses a greater philosophical trope which questions the blurriness of the line between the two.

But it’s Perfect

When we think about the way in which everything is fucked, and how humanity has fucked a lot of it, we have to consider the harsh reality that the only permanence in the universe is, ironically, a notion of impermanence.

I once read a quote that “the seed must shed its shell in order for life to grow” and I think it perfectly sums up what I am trying to get at.

By embracing the impermanence of existence the seed is able to go from a small lump of matter into something as grand as a giant sequoia tree.

This is why, I believe, everything being fucked means that everything is perfect. We must let go of our desire to sustain in order to advance.