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The Irony of People’s Reaction to Elon Musk Smoking Weed with Joe Rogan

I know this article could be considered to a be a tad ‘late’ in the grand scheme of things but, hey, I’ve had a lot of work on and only recently got around to actually watching the Joe Rogan Experience podcast which featured Elon Musk as a guest.

Although I may be late in actually watching the footage I have been able to keep up to date with the usual irony of mainstream journalists who have completely missed the point and, instead of being impartial, have taken their chance to attempt to demonise a person who, in my opinion, is trying to push a positive message to the world.

If you have been reading the ‘news’ articles, regarding the interview, posted on websites such as the The Independent you’d be excused for thinking that Elon Musk had snorted a couple grams of cocaine off the back of a prepubescent child. But the fact of the matter is he literally took a couple of tokes on a joint, in a state in which recreational use of cannabis is legal. He also drank a bit of whiskey, but no-one seems to care about that.

“Give People More Credit

The thing which I find is most concerning about the matter is the fact that Elon attempted to spend a significant portion of his interview trying to convince the masses of the fact that people are all too quick to judge each other and should give one and another the benefit of the doubt. Ironic, huh?

If you watch the interview objectively you will see a man who genuinely has a concern for the mentality of humans around the globe, and one who is attempting to push a positive message for the masses. His sign off message was literally “give people more credit” and, instead of focusing on that message, the mainstream media has taken the opportunity to, excuse my French, shit all over the man.

This is something which I personally find extremely scary. The fact that people, who no doubt love to have a beer/wine/some-other-alcoholic-beverage find it perfectly fine to criticise a man for taking a couple tokes on a J while he is actually attempting to ask people to be a little less skeptic of their fellow humans really highlights the state that our society is in.

At the end of the day he did not break any laws, did not harm another person and did not sit there attempting to influence others to start smoking. So what is the problem?

The Agenda

Personally, I feel as though the smear campaign which is being seriously pushed on Elon Musk is partly due to the fact that he wishes to influence a change in the status quo of modern society. A society which is all but fair. Within Elon Musk you have a man with a great level of intelligence, unimaginable wealth and, apparently, a very down-to-earth persona.

Not only is that the case but he also is a person who is seemingly pushing a message which somewhat goes against the rhetoric of this whole consumerist lifestyle the majority of people in westernised civilisations live in.

Instead of telling you all to go on Facebook or Instagram and be bombarded with adverts for junk which you do not need you have a man who is telling you that deleting social media made him roughly 10% happier.

Instead of telling you to buy a new 3L Audio TT which does 0 – 60 in a couple seconds and guzzles fuel like a an alcoholic does booze, he is asking you to buy a car which can do 300 miles on one charge of electricity.

Instead of telling you all that humans are ‘bad’ and should be feared, he is telling you that humans generally want to be considered to be ‘good’ by their peers and, when given the chance, will act in a way which benefits their society.

While this may sound like some tin-hat conspiracy I genuinely believe that all the above points are the opposite to the beliefs of the financial backers of media conglomerates. Why would a company which makes millions/billions from the suffering and decline of human civilisation want you to stop needlessly wasting money and resources? Why would a government which makes insane amounts from fuel tax want you to drive an electric car which can be powered by your electric roof for free? They wouldn’t.

This is why believe the smear campaign on Elon Musk is picking up so much momentum. And I find it scary. If we continue to blindly follow the mainstream media we are going to end up in an even worse situation than we are already in.

My main purpose of writing this article was simply to highlight the irony of the fact that Elon’s main message was “give people more credit” and, instead of focusing on that positive message, the media have used all their might to discredit a fully grown adult for legally part taking in the recreational use of cannabis. What a world, aye?