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The Recent Facebook Debacle Highlight’s the Need for Blockchain Technology

We’ve all heard the news about Facebook which wasn’t really news to the majority of the world’s more technologically inclined, right? No? Well, for those that have been living under a rock, I’ll explain: the fact that Facebook has been harvesting personal data and selling it to advertisers and government agencies has finally come to the forefront of mainstream media and people are not happy. In fact, the data sale is apparently so deep and relevant that it is being rumoured that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is responsible for Trump getting in power and Brexit being voted in. Fascinating.

Well, whether or not Facebook is responsible for all the western world’s recent moral dilemmas still remains to be seen but, one thing is for sure, we could all do with a little extra privacy when we are browsing online and trying to communicate with one and other.

The idea that a social media platform could be swaying the opinions of people so much that it is actually having an effect on the outcomes of pivotal democratic votes is the stuff of a Charlie Brooker screenplay, but it is entirely possible, dare I say it, it’s even plausible.

For years the ‘tin foil hat wearers‘ of society have been telling us all that our computers are listening to us and watching us, and that our government’s are using the data we post online to control us, while big businesses are using it to make us buy their products, and have been laughed out of the room each time. Well, in light of the recent news, it seems they could have been right all along.

Enter the Blockchain

All the recent revelations about data being leaked and people being controlled via computational algorithms has caused quite a stir and, in my opinion, is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a saying I like to use: if what the news reports is bad, what they don’t report is evil. It might sound a bit like a conspiracy but it is a saying I live by and I would not be surprised if the problem being reported actually runs a hell of a lot deeper than is being let on.

But what can we do as citizens? Truthfully, if you want to use social media, not much right now. Due to the centralised nature of all the major social media websites they will always be susceptible to corruption and their owners will always require the ability to own and sell your data as their means of getting paid.

When you think about it, the likes of Facebook and Twitter are simply advertising platforms with a locked audience which is forced to view ads. To add to that, the adverts they are forced to view are actually tailored to the viewers entire chat history which makes them much more likely to be successful.

With a decentralised social media network it would be impossible for this to happen, depending on how the network is coded, of course. Due to the nature of blockchain technology it would be entirely possible for each user to own their own data (the main selling point of many crypto start-ups) through the use of encryption.

By allowing all users to encrypt their private data with a private key system all information which is publicly accessible would be decided by the user and not the platform owner. The Mark Zuckerberg’s of the blockchain would not be able to sell your data as they would not be able to access it themselves.

This is why we need to blockchain technology. It is not a fad or a bubble as many mainstream media outlets would love us all to believe, it is the last bastion of hope for the online privacy of mankind around the world. Mark my words, by the end of this year there will be a blockchain based social media platform which will change the landscape of the digital world.

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