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Introducing Kkex: An International Digital Asset Exchange

Many of you may remember a couple of my recent posts which announced that a young exchange, Kkex, was teaming up with popular cryptocurrency, Enumivo, to conduct an exclusive interview with the project’s creator, and to host an airdrop of their Liteshares native currency, LTS.

Well, the rapidly growing exchange is back, this time for a formal introduction to all of you lovely readers of the Something Decent website, specifically, the readers of my crypto based rhetoric. As the Kkex platform continues to grow it is one which I personally wish to support for a number of reasons and, today, I would like to explain to you the reasons why I hope the platform see’s great success.

Integration with the Bixin Wallet app

Many people in the west will, no doubt, be unaware of the Bixin wallet which allow’s you to directly and securely interact with the Kkex exchange through a mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS mobile phones. However, the fact that Kkex have managed to achieve this partnership has allowed them to enable a secure method of interaction with their exchange for their clients, and provided an ease of use factor.

The Bixin wallet is one which is easy to use and the direct link up with the Kkex exchange adds a layer of control for the Kkex development team, ensuring a degree of security for users when transferring funds to be traded on their exchange.

Kkex’s integration with Bixin is made possible through their useful API which is accessible to anybody who wishes to utilise for an app. Once again, the release of their API for public use is another aspect which demonstrate’s transparency from the exchange’s team of developers.

Fair Trading fees

Many exchanges, as most crypto traders will know, charge quite a lot in the form of trading fees and often set out different fee rates for different cryptocurrencies, as well as setting higher fees for either the maker or the taker, depending on their preference.

Obviously, we all want to earn as much as we can from our trades and, with that in mind, it is good to know what you will be charged for making a transaction. The fact that Kkex are issuing a set fee of 0.20% for all transactions, whether you’re a maker or a taker, displays a certain level of democracy and demonstrates that there isn’t any favourability for any one particular coin.


The Kkex support team, from my experience, have been more than accommodating to anything which has been requested of them from their community. The team have an active Telegram group which aims to assist traders with the operation of the platform.

As with any company, having a solid support team can be the make or brake factor for cryptocurrency exchanges due to the nature of their operation. By having a helpful team on hand in their Telegram channel the Kkex staff are proving that they wish to aid their customers as much as possible.

How to Find Kkex

If you have read all of this and would like to give Kkex a go then I suggest you to have look at the links below, I have included their official website, Twitter and Telegram channel. Even if you decide you do not wish to trade on the platform right away it is definitely worthwhile being familiar with them for the future.

Visit the Kkex website
Join the Kkex Telegram
Follow the Kkex Twitter

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them