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Introducing Enumivo: Social Justice on the Blockchain


Many of you regulars here at Something Decent may well remember the Enumivo airdrop which took place a few days ago and required participants to send 0 (zero) Ethereum to their smart contract which automatically distributed them a share of the remaining tokens allocated for the airdrop.

Well, after successful completion of their fair and easy to enter airdrop I thought I would bring all of you an update on the progress of the cryptocurrency, their future plans, and an interesting story involving the developer, a punter, and 9 Ethereum tokens which accidentally got sent to the smart contract.

Progress of Enumivo

As those of you who heard about the airdrop through us may well remember, there was very little information regarding the airdrop when it was posted on Bitcoin Talk. Furthermore the announcement post was literally the first time many of us had ever even heard of the company which made most people extremely skeptical about interacting with the contract.

Well, since completing the airdrop without any real hiccups the Enumivo dev has been working hard on trying to get some more information out to the public with a new website (visit here) which includes a roadmap and an extremely brief outline of the currencies plans, and some social media links for people to follow the progress on.

I can also personally confirm that the developer of the project has been working tirelessly on implementing the new blockchain while taking significant steps toward increasing publicity and trading volume of the Enumivo currency. As I understand there will be a number of lucrative opportunities for those who missed the airdrop to acquire some ENU tokens with the release of giveaways and bounties.

The Future of Enumivo

Up until now the actual purpose of Enumivo hasn’t really been discussed although that does not mean that the token does not have one. As briefly mentioned in the airdrop announcement post, the Enumivo blockchain is a clone of the EOS project and was created as a way of providing all token holders with a form of universal basic income.

As of now details regarding the manner in which the universal basic income will actually work are pretty scarce, all that is known is that token holders of ENU will be able to get UBI tokens from the Enumivo application set to launch on March 1st 2018.

Another milestone on the Enumivo roadmap is the switchover to the EOS blockchain, which will take place on the 9th August 2018. This is to enable mass scaling of the project, as those who follow the EOS project will know, EOS is intending to create a blockchain which loads asynchronously and can handle a theoretically unlimited number of transactions per second – this could be what kills Ethereum if it does what it is meant to.

Since this is still an extremely new currency it can be forgiven that there aren’t masses of information just yet, especially when you consider the free distribution of 400,000,000 tokens, with that said the information which is available is enough to keep people ticking over while the developers work on the important parts.

The 9 Eth Story Which Made us all Trust the Developer

Now you may well think this is a bit of a silly reason to trust that the developer is good for his word but I, and many others, do believe that this particular incident proves that the developer of Enunmivo has enough faith in his product to see it through to the end.

The short and long of the story is this, on the day of the airdrop somebody accidentally sent the developer of Enumivo 9 Ethereum tokens instead of the zero required to enter the airdrop. Now, many developers of the shabby airdrops which have been and gone would have shut up shop and disappeared from the face of the earth with their extremely easily earned 9 Ethereum tokens, worth roughly $8,000 USD.

Not the Enumivo dev. He went on to twitter to discuss with someone claiming to be the sender, then sought council from the Bitcoin Talk community as to how he could verify that the person claiming to be the sender was legitimate.

After many people chipped in with a way in which he could verify the rightful owner of the 9 Eth he had received the Enumivo developer sent the 9 Eth tokens back to what has to be said was the luckiest person in crypto that day.

This alone made me like the developer and the project personally, it shows that the developer is honest, he isn’t looking for a quick buck and he wants to be here for the long haul. As of this moment information is still limited although I do know that a whitepaper is being drawn up as are numerous promotion campaigns. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for more information regarding Enumivo.

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Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them