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Introducing BTC Draft: The Crypto Gaming Platform

We all know what the traditional gambling games are and how to place a bet at the bookies, furthermore, we all know that the majority of centralised online gambling platforms are rigged so that the house has an unfathomably strong advantage. But, guess what? We still go ahead and throw our money at something we know has about as much chance of financially rewarding us as the national lottery.

Well, what if I were to tell you that there is a project which aim’s to provide the public with a provably fair online casino with an inbuilt sports betting platform, auction house (for users to sell real-world items), currency exchange and regular community contests? Sound good, right?

Enter BTC Draft

BTC Draft is planning on becoming the first ever cryptocurrency to have its own gaming platform which is built on its own, unique, blockchain. They are planning on implementing all the features, listed above, which I personally believe users of online gaming sites will find desirable and are using blockchain technology to ensure that their gambling games are ‘provably fair’.

The BTC Draft ecosystem will be one which revolves around its own cryptocurrency, Draft Coin, and will be one which can guarantee the security of a user’s data due to the incorruptible and extremely hard-to-hack nature of blockchain technology.

The concept of the this company has been in development for quite some time (originally announced in October 2014) which means the developers of this project has been around the blockchain and have the relevant experience needed to turn their idea into a reality.

Beta Take a Look

As the project has been in development for quite some time you’d be forgiven for assuming they have something of substance to demonstrate the ability of the platform, well, you’re in luck! The DFT Coin team recently took to their website to announce the launch of the beta platform which is open for all the public to test.

While the project is still in its beta testing phase I would say it is the best time to go in, have a look around, and get acquainted with their system. The nature of the beta phase means this is the perfect time for those of you who are interested in online gambling (you’re in crypto, so you much like a bit of risk) to discover what you like about the platform while informing the development team of improvements you feel could be made. Essentially, this is your opportunity to have a hand in guiding the direction of the platform.

The DFT Coin

If you’re simply here for the crypto and aren’t too bothered about playing the online games you might be interested to know that the coin has an incredibly low total supply of just 20 million coins, 10 million of which will be held in an offline wallet to be used within the casino itself. This basically means that there will always be a demand for the coin as long as the casino is luring in gamers, as a result of which I would personally expect that DFT will be around for the long term due to the fact that it is one of few coins which actually has a purpose.

To add incentive for people to hold their coins and keep the price of DFT coin consistent there is also a PoS rewarding system which will allow users to gain interest on their holdings. All you have to do to receive your reward is stake the coin in the official DFT wallet. 5 million of the total 20 million supply is reserved for staking rewards. This all means that there were only ever 5 million DFT coins sold in the ICO – an extremely low amount.

A final note on the incentive to hold DFT Coins is the fact that they are operating a masternode system which will reward users who have a significant amount of DFT Coins with monthly payments, which equate to roughly 5 – 7 DFT coins per day. To put that into perspective, if you had a masternode and DFT was worth $10 you would be getting paid between $50 – $70 per day for simply holding your coins.

The Round-Up

To conclude, personally I think that DFT Coin could well become a major player in the online gaming industry, which is always growing in audience. If the DFT Coin can achieve anything like what they proclaim to be working on I would personally expect them to really gain momentum as the year continues.

Currently you can only buy DFT Coin on YoBit and CoinExchange although they have submitted an application to the crypto trading leader, Binance. Should their Binance application get accepted I would expect the moon to be where DFT Coin is parked for the meantime. Get in, have a look around and play the beta games then make your own mind up.

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