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With the current state of the cryptocurrency market I thought I would take a minute to write an article which informs all of our readers of some currently active blockchain based UBI projects. We all know that numerous people have been rekt in this super grizzly bear market and, instead of trying to tell you that the recent industry wide price drops are down to some double-doozy-backflip-penguin-formation, I thought I’d let you know how you can get some free crypto on a regular basis.

To give a brief summary of the principles of UBI for those who do not know: UBI stands for Universal Basic Income and is a subject which is gaining an exponential amount of discussion in recent times. The principle behind UBI is that all humans deserve a dignified standard of life and should not be resigned to a life of poverty due to a lack in gainful employment or financial resources available to them.

UBI is a scheme which would aim to alleviate the financial burden of life for everyone who is alive by providing living citizens with a regular wage which they are able to spend on day to day items and services.

So, without further delay, I give to you some free UBI programs some of which are already distributing.

Manna Base

Mannabase is quite possibly the most known about crypto UBI payment project which is based on its own blockchain. It is a registered charity in the USA. The Manna coin started life under a different name (Grant Coin) back in 2016. Since its inception the project has been completely revamped and its platform has been seeing the benefits of steady development throughout 2018.

The team behind the project have been attempting to create a global money network which is free for every citizen of earth and also incorporates a social networking system which is built into their eco-system. The MANNA tokens which users are paid with are tradable on the SouthEx cryptocurrency exchange and the project is listed on Coinmarketcap with a rank of 1187.

Signing up for the Mannabase UBI payment scheme is easy enough, all you need to do is register on their website and then complete an identity verification to prove that you have not claimed before. Once you have been verified on their platform you will begin receiving your payments on a weekly basis. You will also be able to earn rewards for referring other to use their UBI system with your own personal link.

The amount you receive will depend on the number of people who are included in each payment week and the number of people you refer so it is quite hard for me to tell you how many token you will get per payment.

Join the Mannabase UBI program

Swift Demand

The Swift Demand UBI scheme is slightly different to that of Mannabase, it is obviously similar in the fact that the people behind Swift Demand will issue you with regular payments of their native cryptocurrency but it differs in the fact that they have also added a sort of shopping network to their platform.

From what I can see the Swift Demand project is one which is created anonymously and is one which is not registered as a charity or company (unlike Mannabase). This does not mean it is any less legitimate than Mannabase. The platform is yet to release its own fully operational blockchain with the ability to withdraw the SWIFT tokens but it is distributing tokens on a daily basis.

For signing up to the platform you will be entitled to receive 100 SWIFTS per day without doing a thing. The catch is that you will have to manually claim your SWIFT payments after every 7 day period or face losing them. They are also offering 500 SWIFT tokens for each referral you make to their platform.

The interesting point to note about the project is the Swift shop which allows all users who have passed KYC on the Swift platform to conduct P2P trades with each other for goods and services. The Swift store is set to be the focal point of the entire project and, should the team manage to accomplish what they wish, it should provide the SWIFT tokens with instant liquidity.

To signup to the Swift Demand UBI program simply follow the link below.

Join the Swift Demand UBI program


Regular readers of Something Decent will already be well aware of the Enumivo project and its intention to distribute a UBI platform for all living citizens of earth. For those not in the know I will give you some information. The Enumivo project was started back in February 2018 and airdropped 400m tokens of its 500m total supply to anybody who claimed it.

The project is a fork of the EOSIO software and it already has an operation blockchain which is traded on Kkex and is to be listed on and CoinTiger. The project’s UBI payment program is one which is to be released in March 2019 and is currently being developed.

As a means of delivering their UBI payments and verifying claimants as unique individuals the Enumivo development team have recently released their Enumivo oracle service which aims to ultimately create a circle of trust KYC system by which all participants can opt to assess the validity of new applications for a financial reward.

The UBI payments issued by Enumivo will be done in the form of a UBI token on the Enumivo blockchain and they will be issued in regular instalments through the oracle dApp. The UBI scheme will also be tightly linked with the Enumivo community/forum.

While their UBI system is still being developed you can signup for the Enumivo oracle service on the link below. Doing so will enable you to be ready to receive any rewards which are decided upon.


Join the Enumivo oracle service