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Crypto MVP for 2018: Humaniq

While you may not have heard of the previous three subjects of my ‘Crypto MVP for 2018’ column the next top pick I will recommend you is most likely one you have seen, especially if you follow the old magnanimous John McAfee on Twitter, Humaniq (HMQ).

If you’re not aware of the company or goal behind Humaniq it is simple: assist with the eradication of poverty emerging countries around the world. Well, I say simple, that is obviously no easy task but it is something entirely achievable when you consider the vast wealth held by a small number of people in the developed world.

As explained on by Humaniq and their supporters/backers a large problem which adds to the poverty in the developing world is the fact that so many individuals have no access to any traditional banking system, subsequently preventing them from benefitting from financial services which could, for example, help someone finance their startup company.
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The innovative and generous plan behind Humaniq is to provide all those in developing worlds to access financial services by providing them with a form of digital bank which uses the HMQ token as a currency. Putting their money where their mouth is Humaniq are offering all users of their platform (in developing countries) $20 USD worth of HMQ tokens in their account regardless of their local currency.

While $20 USD sounds like nothing more than a decent meal to many of us in privileged countries to someone in a country where the average wage is $10 a week or less, this is something that could really make a huge difference in their ability to get their business plan from plan to business. What’s more, the currencies use of the Ethereum blockchain allows for transactions without any fees whatsoever.

In an attempt to combat the fact that many people in third world countries do not have any form of official/formal documentation Humaniq have developed a biometrics system which allows users to be identified by face and voice.

To give you further confidence in the platform you do not have to just take my word for it, or John McAfee’s for that matter, HMQ have received positive press from the likes of Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq and Cointelegraph.


As of today the currency is valued at just under $0.34 USD a token which I believe to be a steal, especially when you consider it has traded at well over $0.60 USD.

Do your research and look into this crypto as I expect it to achieve big things in the forthcoming year.

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Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.