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Crypto MVP for 2018: Dragonchain

If you read my post yesterday about Deep Onion and then acted on it you will no doubt be seeing a tidy little profit today as the currency has rose by nigh on $1 USD. If you also followed my advice about ELTCOIN you would have also acquired a tidy doubling of your money, almost instantly.

In an attempt to keep the momentum going and continue to bring you all my crypto recommendations for the rapidly impending new year, today I am going to bring you another little old tip off: Dragonchain.

While I cannot guarantee that you’re going to see amazing profits with everyone of my articles I can tell you the reasons in which I am invested in the cryptos I share with you. With this one it is pretty simple: The team and history behind it.

Put simply Dragonchain is the only blockchain which has been developed by Disney. Yes, that’s correct, the same Disney who make multimillion dollar films and also made the groundbreaking digital animation company Pixar.

Their founder, Joe Roets, has also contributed and worked within projects for the likes of Coinbase and Overstock while other members of the team have worked for the likes of the FBI, Xbox, Amazon Payment and GE Healthcare.

If the previous experience of the current team behind Dragonchain isn’t enough to give you some confidence maybe you should know what they plan to make their project into: A blockchain where creators can retain complete control of their data by using smart contracts and business logic.

To coincide with their vision they plan to make their blockchain the easiest to code within and provide the utmost flexibility for developers. As with all my recommendations for the forthcoming year this projects success depends on the ability of the team to deliver their goals, something which I personally believe they will do.


With all that said, Don’t just take my word for it, go to their site and do your own investigations. Right now the token is at an extremely cheap price of $0.75 USD and seen support at $0.90 USD for some time.

Visit the official Dragonchain website

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Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.