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Crypto MVP for 2018: Deep Onion

In the spirit of bringing all readers of this site my top crypto investment tips for 2018 I thought it would be best to try and work on currencies/communities/companies which will offer what I believe to be the highest return on investment through their active communities and developers.

With the aforementioned in mind it should be noted that, while you should always do your own research before investing, those who took my advice on ELTCOIN yesterday would have been able to cash out with double their investment within an hour of the posting of my article and, while that was an unexpected instant profit, I am advising for the long term here – those who hold their crypto will be the ones who laugh the most.

Taking that into consideration I would like to return to another crypto currency I have previously posted about, Deep Onion. As mentioned in my previous article, Deep Onion is a privacy oriented crypto currency which is arguably the most effective of all private cryptos due to the fact that it operates over the TOR network – the network which gained a lot of bad press and dubbed the ‘dark web’.

While the TOR network does make it possible for criminals to buy drugs and whatever else, that does not mean that everything which is encrypted and private is used for criminal activity and, with the constant infringement on the privacy of the public by the government, it could be safe to assume that private transactions are going to be massively desirable in the not too distant future.

To coincide with their private transactions the Deep Onion network is also operating and working on the Deep Vault which offers anonymous file sharing and storage – something regular readers of this website will know about already.

While it is easy to throw about comments such as “why do I need anonymous X Y or Z” I can give you a number of perfectly legitimate scenarios in which privacy is really essential. For example, if my partner decides she wants to send me an intimate image she would most likely like to do so in a way in which the likelihood of her identity being revealed to the public is nigh on impossible. Likewise if someone who is homosexual wishes to have a relationship they would no doubt like to be able to anonymously send images to their partner. If net neutrality in the USA ends and the FCC succeed there will be an entirely new case for privacy and the TOR network due to its encryption and intractability. Just a few real world examples.

Deep Onion

To the actual numbers, at the point of writing this article Deep Onion sits at a modest $4.74 after a 44% increase in value over the previous 24 hours. When considering the likes of XMR this is peanut money and, considering Deep Onion hasn’t event finished it’s initial airdrop distribution stage, this is a currency which can very easily be expected to at least reach $10 through 2018.

As anyone in crypto for more than a couple of days will know, nothing can be guaranteed but in my personal opinion Deep Onion is severely undervalued even at a price so close to $5. While many people are being blown away by the recent price rise for Verge 2018 will no doubt see a drastic stock increase for what is pretty much the one true private crypto currency.

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Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.