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Crypto MVP for 2018: OmiseGo

As the new year is drawing ever closer, and the general populous prepares for a debaucherous nights of antics they hope to forget, us Cryptonians are all preparing for what will be an important year in the Cryptoverse and trying to get our last minute stocks bought up before any unsuspected new years increases in price.

Well, in the aim of continuing to bring you my tippity top tips for 2018, I am here to once again advise you all of a token I believe will become an MVP in the forthcoming year: OmiseGo (OMG).

Those of you who are well vetted Cryptonians will, no doubt, already know of OMG so this may not actually be any sort of new information for you however, those who have only dabbled in, or just entered, the Cryptoverse may not actually be aware of this sleeping giant awaiting to erupt into the world.
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The simplistic way of explaining what OmiseGo aims to achieve would be “unbanking the banked” essentially they wish to remove the need for traditional banks by providing a digital wallet which can be integrated with both cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies, and interchange the two seamlessly.

To add to their proposed multi-functioning wallet they also aim to facilitate the use of loyalty/reward schemes for retailers and publishers via the use of their distributed token and wallet.


As of the writing of this article OMG is in a lul regarding price, probably due to the massive sea of red which has engulfed near enough the entirety of CoinMarketCap, and is available for $13.45 USD. While I may not be a psychic I can say that, due to the team involved with the token, it can be expected to rise considerably in the forthcoming year.

Currently the founder and creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is in charge of managing the proof os staking function of the token while Joseph Poon, the co author of The Lightning Network, is the principle author of OmiseGo.

If that wasn’t enough for you a quick Google search will also bring you information regarding the high profile supporters of the token, including McDonalds in Thailand. As always, do your own research before investing, but don’t sleep on this giant waiting to wake up!

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Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.