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There is a worm that injects sperm into its own head

What’s that you say, disgusting? Well we agree, but none the less, if this is part of mother natures divine plan who are we to argue?

We’ve all been stuck at home, on a weekend, without a date, but most of us grab the Kleenex and navigate to Pornhub or wallow in self pity, maybe even both with a dash of self loathing. But no matter how low you feel there is a new species of animal to make you feel better.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you; the self impregnating hermaphrodite flatworm, Macrostomum hystrix. This extremely bizarre creature has the ability to inject its own semen into its head and fertilise its own reproductive eggs.

Scientists have labeled the act as ‘selfing’ and the equipment needed for the task is the strange creatures “needle-like male copulatory organ” i.e a penis that resembles a needle.

Whats more, this self reliant flatworm is transparent so you can easily observe it getting down and dirty with itself.

Dr Steven Ramm is quoted saying:

“As far as we know, this is the first described example of hypodermic self-injection of sperm into the head. To us this sounds traumatic, but to these flatworms it may be their best bet if they cannot find a mate but still want to reproduce”

So there you have it, the flatworm with the most inbred children known to man.

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