The mystery of the serial pooper

Do you enjoy playing golf? Have you ever gone to get your ball out of the hole, just to realise there is some brown, stinking goo all over your hand and it? Well, if you play golf in south-west Norway’s Stavanger golf course there is a strong possibility that you may well have been struck by the mythical ‘serial pooper’.

The bare arsed intruder has been making a rather controversial use of the golf courses holes for the past ten years, opting to use them as his preferred place to take a peaceful dump.

That’s right, there is a fella who, one day, decided to start taking his bowel movements in the golf courses holes and has been successfully doing so for the past decade.

According to the golf courses groundsman, the guy is definitely a bloke. How does he know you ask? Apparently the size of the poop is way too big to have come from a female. Personally I didn’t know there was a correlation between gender and size of poop, but there you go!

Another funny fact about this rather strange occurrence is that the groundsman has been dealing with the serial stealth pooper for so long that he has been able to determine a change in diet or, wait for it, a sudden choice for the serial pooper to start using laxatives. Eeew!

The whole ordeal started in 2005 and has lead to the golf course installing all sorts of deterrents including spotlights around the strange fellas favourite dump spots.

The staff have determined he arrives by bicycle, due to the bike tracks, but still have no idea who he is. The staff have come to the conclusion that the serial pooper either hates golf, has a fetish or has mental problems.

Whatever the case it is quite a strange story and one that gave me a good old laugh. At least he uses loo roll I guess.