Airdrop Alert: Zen AD are Dropping 3000 Tokens to Each Claimant


Review overview

Ease of Entry8.5
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project5.8
Use of Token5.8
Appearance of the Project4.4


The airdrop is easy to enter but I do not know if it will amount to much.

Newly formed blockchain startup, Zen AD, are currently distributing their tokens through an airdrop smart contract. The airdrop is to be conducted in the same manner as the Enumivo airdrop which took place in February this year and sees users pay for their own gas. Currently the tokens do not have any tradable value that I am aware of.

Mandatory Requirements

Those of you who remember the Enumivo airdrop which took place earlier this year will most likely know that the way in which to claim this airdrop is to simply send 0 (zero) ETH to the smart contract address of the token (0x798f509bade66b9f20980abb0dcc024ca7afc530). Once you have done so you should automatically be rewarded with your ZENAD tokens. I personally would recommend checking EthGasStation to see the price of gas before you attempt to claim this drop. According to the original post on Bitcointalk it is recommended that you put 100,000 as the gas limit when making the transaction to safeguard against a failed attempt due to running out of gas.

About Zen AD

The Zen AD company is another one which wishes to use blockchain technology to revolutionise the advertising industry. As with most advertising based cryptocurrencies, they claim they will do this by preserving users’ personal data and by rewarding viewers of advertisers with their cryptocurrency. As with most industries, I believe one advertising company will succeed but which one is anybodies guess.

As mentioned, I have no clue what the tokens will be worth but you can find more info on the original Bitcointalk announcement thread.


Join the Zen AD airdrop

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