Weed and Bitcoin

What is it With Weed and Bitcoin? SpeedWeed Now Accept BTC

June 23rd 2019 was a day which will bear significance to weed smokers in California holding Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that it was when, SpeedWeed announced they will accept the cryptocurrency as payment.

This decision was made due to the surge in demand, from their customers. According to AJ Gentile, CEO, the demand was prompted by the recent surge in price for the original cryptocurrency, he stated:

“As soon as Bitcoin approached $10,000, our phones lit up with customers wanted pay with crypto.”

While it isn’t the global partnership which many holders pray for, this is significant.

As the largest weed delivery service within the USA, SpeedWeed have over 200,000 members on their platform. They also have an influential role within the entire industry.

AJ Gentile states: “As we deploy new services like pay-by-crypto and improve our existing operation, we share this knowledge not only with our clients, but with the entire industry.”

It would appear that a good run on SpeedWeed could lead to further bud based vendors accepting Bitcoin.

Weed and Bitcoin

On reading the above news I instantly asked myself “what is it with weed and Bitcoin?”. It seems only yesterday the darknet market place, Silk Road, was shutdown and the masses were subsequently introduced to .

However, most people were simply told it was something bad people used to pay for bad things, on strange websites.

So, the state of play was that Bitcoin bought illegal things and weed was one of these illegal things.

Nowadays, while Bitcoin awareness is still low, people generally understand it is used for more than illegal drugs and hookers, and weed is legal within numerous states in the USA.

It almost seems that Bitcoin adoption and cannabis legalisation go hand in hand. It also seems that we have gone full circle – from a time when weed was illegal, BTC being a means to buying it. To a time where weed is legal and BTC, once again, is a means of buying it.

Love, peace and happiness.