Twist Network Have Released Their Twist Data Protocol


The development team behind London based blockchain project, Twist Network, have proudly announced that they have released the Twist data protocol. Regular readers of this website may have been following the Twist project and, thus, are already aware of the significance of the Twist data protocol. If not, I will do my best to give you an idea as to what it is and why this is another important milestone for the Twist team.

What is Twist data?

As you may assume from the name, the Twist data feature allows users of the Twist network to store any data they wish to the Twist Network blockchain. At present this data is only text based as far as I am aware but I could be wrong and the Twist team can expand this technology.

The Twist data protocol also allows users of the Twist blockchain to send encrypted messages to one and other for the small fee of 5 Twist tokens. Again, this information is permanently stored on the blockchain and is fully encrypted unless the sender chooses to make it shareable.

Uses for Twist data

As already, mentioned, one of the main uses of the Twist data feature is to send encrypted messages to another user of the Twist blockchain. By sending your message on their network you will be assured with the knowledge that your message can only be read by the recipient you selected and cannot be changed.

Another great use of the feature is the ability to securely store data about yourself. If you have something which you may need to prove the timestamp of in the future this could be a perfect solution. Also, it could be great for remembering personal info which you do not wish to share with anybody else.

The protocol has just been released so I would expect there to be great advancements on it in the not too distant future.


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