Airdrop Alert: Tritanium are Dropping up to 100 TTNZ Tokens


Review overview

Ease of Entry4
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project6
Use of Token5.1
Appearance of the Project4.8


Overall it looks like it could be a hit or miss drop.

Newly formed cryptocurrency startup company, Tritanium, are currently trying to drive up some attention for their platform by conducting an airdrop and bounty campaign. Their airdrop is one which has numerous levels of entry and is offering up to 100 TTNZ tokens for completing all the tasks. They are also offering a referral bonus for sending your friends to their airdrop page.

Mandatory Requirements (50 TTNZ)

In order to join the Tritanium airdrop the very minimum requirements are that you signup to their official website, join their Telegram channel and follow their Twitter account with an account which has at least 100 followers. When registering on their website you will be given the opportunity to input your social media channels as well as your ETH wallet address.

To signup for the basic Tritanium airdrop please visit the following link:

Optional Extras (up to 50 TTNZ)

If you would like to get the full airdrop allotment you are able to do so by following a number of extra social media channels which are related to Tritanium, and downloading their mobile app then leaving them a rating.

The required channels which you need to follow are: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit. You can download their app by searching for “Tritanium” within your mobile app store and then downloading the app called “Blockchain Bounty Manager” which has their logo on it.

You are also able to earn an extra 15 TTNZ tokens for each person you refer to their airdrop. When you complete signup you will be presented with a unique referral link which will reward you each time someone uses it.

The main airdrop form does not appear to have a section about the extra airdrop tokens so, if you are interested in them, I advise you visit their Bitcointalk thread here:

About Tritanium

From what I can make out, it appears the Tritanum company is one which aims to allow current businesses to switch over to blockchain technology while continuing to use their own infrastructure which is in place. The company has a bounty management platform which is available to the public and they also have mobile apps on both Android and iOS.

As always, I have no clue regarding whether the airdrop will actually be worth anything but you can signup below.


Join the Tritanium airdrop

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