The Telos Snapshot is in Just Two Days!


You may remember my article yesterday which introduced Telos: an EOS based chain with a fair BP governance policy. Well, today I am back with a little more news about the newly formed blockchain startup. This time the news is something which could be of benefit to all of you.

As you can read from the title of this post, the Telos snapshot is due to take place in just two days (at block 6,000,000). But the question you are probably asking is “what on earth is the Telos snapshot?”. If so, let me explain.

The Telos foundation is one which is planning on using their blockchain knowledge to provide the world with a fair and democratic solution to the EOS chain and its sister chains. In order to do so the good people behind the project have decided that anybody who take’s the risk and uses the Telos blockchain service during these early days should be rewarded for their faith in the team’s ability to deliver the goods.

As a result they have announced plans to take a snapshot of their blockchain at block 6 million. The purpose of said snapshot is simple: check who has made some form of on chain action in the previous 6 million blocks and reward them by enabling them to receive future airdrops from the Telos foundation.

The exact airdrops those included in the snapshot will benefit from are not clear to me as of yet but as soon as I find out I will update you all. As mentioned, in order to participate and become eligible for the future Telos airdrop all you are required to do is make an on chain transaction using the Telos network. The action can be anything from staking tokens, voting for a block producer, sending some TLOS to a mate. Literally anything! So what are you waiting for?

Go to the Telos Foundation website