telos 6m snapshot

The Telos 6M Snapshot has Been Published

On the 18th January 2019 I wrote an article about Telos completing their first ever snapshot. in the mentioned article I promised to post the list of all included Telos wallets, once it became available.

After having a look around this morning I am happy to say that the Telos snapshot is available to view on their Github via a CSV file. In the CSV file you can see a full list of all accounts which were included in the snapshot as well as their balance at the time.

What does this mean?

At present details about what being included in the Telos genesis snapshot will mean are pretty scarce but one thing which is clear is that being included will enable you to receive future airdrops.

From my understanding the Telos 6M snapshot is to be used in place of the EOS genesis snapshot which was used for the original Telos distribution. The reason for conducting it was simply to allow users of the Telos network to have some time to buy TLOS tokens after the main net had been launched. By doing so Telos have essentially given anyone who failed to be included in the EOS genesis snapshot a shot at being included as a genesis member of the Telos network.

Generally speaking genesis snapshots are used to provide future projects and reward systems (on the specified blockchain) with a base list of early adopters. Many cryptocurrency projects choose to distribute their tokens to genesis members as a form of reward and, by completing this 6M snapshot, the Telos have managed to find a way of rewarding those who believed in the project from the very start.

To check if you have been included in the 6M snapshot you can simply do a ctrl + f search for your account name on the following link.

View the 6M snapshot