The First Ever Telos Snapshot Has Been Taken

You may remember that I posted an article about the EOS sister chain, Telos. The article explained that they would be taking a snapshot of all Telos accounts which have completed any kind of transaction on the main net prior to block 6m being mined. Once the snapshot had been taken the plan was to include all accounts in future airdrops which may be carried out on the platform.

Snapshot Complete

Since posting the aforementioned article on the 15th January 2019 I am happy to say that the snapshot has been taken and the participants are being logged. At present, from what I can see, there aren’t any publicly available lists of included accounts. However, there is a dryrun snapshot available (here). It would be safe to assume that your account would be included in the actual snapshot if it is on the dry run due to the mentioned means of inclusion.

The actual snapshot occurred at roughly 1:21pm (GMT) on January 17th 2019 and as soon as there is a public list of those included I will publish it on Something Decent.