Switcheo A+ Verified

Switcheo Named an ‘A+ Verified Exchange’ By Nomics.com

Nomics.com have named decentralised cryptocurrency exchange Switcheo as an ‘A+ Verified Exchange’. This news is fresh off the back of Switcheo’s recent implementation of the EOS blockchain.

The announcement comes after completion of what Nomics.com call a “deep data integration” with the Switcheo platform. The “A+ Verified Exchange” label is only acquired when exchanges prove that they are “fully transparent”, said transparency is in regards to “trading data granularity and history”.

According to Clay Collins, CEO of Nomics.com, this latest integration places the Switcheo exchange on par with other “top tier” exchanges. Such as Binance and Coinbase Pro. He explains Switcheo demonstrated that they adhere to the highest “reliability, consistency, and data integrity standards,”. Finally, Collins finishes by explaining his “delight” at Switcheo’s “large commitment to transparency and auditability.”.

As you can imagine, this comes as positive news for the Switcheo exchange. By being named as a ‘A+ Verified Exchange’ the platform benefits from prioritised exposure on the Nomics.com website, adding to that, Switcheo’s market data will also be available to Nomics.com’s API users.

A Little About Nomics.com and Switcheo

As you may guess, Switcheo is a DEX and Nomics.com is a cryptocurrency market/data tracker, akin to Coinmarketcap.com. According to their websites, both platforms pride themselves on providing accurate data with a focus on transparency.

Nomics.com’s MVP is their “professional grade” market data API, which is used by institutional crypto investors and exchanges. While Switcheo’s MVP is a non-custodial crypto exchange which operates on multiple blockchains. It is also worth noting that Switcheo is the world’s first consumer grade exchange of its kind.

Considering the nature of the two businesses, their partnership makes perfect sense and, after receiving such an accolade from Nomics.com, I am sure the Switcheo exchange will continue to impress the crypto-space.

Love, peace and happiness.